Aminolase TPA (30 Capsules)

Arthur Andrew

Aminolase TPA (30 Capsules)

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Aminolase is a proteolytic "protein digesting" enzyme that rapidly breaks down proteins into Amino Acids. Gain muscle, Boost absorption.  Perfect for MEAT, DAIRY, & PLANT Proteins. 

Maximize the benefits of your dietary protein.

Aminolase is a powerful enzyme blend that maximizes the benefits of ingested protein, allowing it to be utilized for muscle building, recovery, and immune function.

In a university study, Aminolase improved protein bio­availability far greater than the body's natural digestive process (pancreatin) alone. Wasted protein can be hard on your kidneys and may cause occasional gas, bloating, and digestive distress.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a gracefully aging adult, Aminolase enables you to get the most out of the protein that you consume without the occasional digestive discomfort associated with protein rich foods or supplements.